Sexiest Fruit Award

March 11, 2011

If any fruit were going to win the sexiest fruit award, it would be strawberries, do you agree? Strawberries are red, juicy, and sweet. Visually, they look like pretty little hearts.

Dip ‘em in some yummy dark chocolate, and they will set your romantic evening on high speed!  It’s no surprise that in ancient Rome, strawberries were Venus’ symbol, the goddess of love and passion.

As the weather slowly warms up (at least over here on the east coast) and spring is so close we can smell it drifting in our open windows here at Jing Ai, I am starting to dream about weekend visits to framers markets for yummy organic strawberries……

Why organic?

Did you know that on the Dirty Dozen list of the most pesticide-laden produce (yuck!), strawberries rank #3? Since certified organics can’t be sprayed with harmful chemical pesticides, when you buy organic, you know you’re putting clean fruit into your body. Plus, a recent study showed that fresh organic strawberries are actually more flavorful and nutritious than regular strawberries. Totally worth the little bit more you pay for organics……because our body is our temple right?

Need more convincing? What if we told you that eating strawberries (and other fresh fruits and veggies) makes you prettier, more glamorous, and more smokin’ hot? Okay, that might be a little OTT, but follow me with this…..  Research shows that eating plenty of fruits and vegetables gives your skin more red and yellow tones, and people find those skin tones more attractive.

So go for it beautiful. Throw those pure, organic strawberries in your cart next time you’re at the store or farmers market and get your glow on!

Ok for you Martha Stewarts out there who want to pick your own strawberries…

Find an organic strawberry farm and pick your own in season with your BFF, your sweetheart, your kids, or keep ‘em all for yourself. Fill a huge bucket with sun-warmed, sweet, juicy, ripe strawberries and take a bite!  If you’re willing to share…..try a daiquiri, strawberry short cake, or smoothies… whatever your heart desires.

What would you make with a whole bucket full of fresh, organic strawberries?

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