No More Bad Hair Days

March 13, 2011

What’s the one thing that can ruin your entire day before you’ve even left the house in the morning?

If you said, “a bad hair day,” we are in total agreement with you, sister. I think we can all sympathize with that feeling of looking in the mirror and discovering that your hair has decided to pull an all out rebellion and overthrow your sense of style.

What are your options? A ponytail? Not particularly appropriate – unless you’re twelve-years-old or you’re Reese Witherspoon at the 2011 Academy Awards. (She rocked that groovy ponytail and made it totally glam.) A hat won’t really do the trick either – especially if you’re going into work or, worse….. on a hot date.

We’re all going to have a bad hair day once in a while (even our girl Reese), but what’s a gal to do when you find you’re having one bad hair day after the next? Sure, pulling the covers up over your head and vowing never to leave the house again might seem momentarily appealing, but you’ve got a beautiful life to live.

You need to get to the root of your problem. A common reason for the dreaded bad hair day is a build up of chemicals on your hair from conventional shampoos. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix. To switch from hair you want to hide under a baseball cap to swirling your “Because I’m worth it” hair, try an organic shampoo and conditioner.

Since organic shampoos and conditioners contain pure natural ingredients, they are gentle on your scalp and your hair. The natural ingredients don’t build up on the hair or leave a residue after rinsing like “other” brands. This can lead to healthier hair….. and fewer bad hair days.

Here are some of our fave organic shampoo and conditioners.

  • skinnyskinny dry shampoos– It takes a fraction of the time to use a dry shampoo than it does to wash and blow dry your hair. All you have to do is sprinkle the shampoo on your roots, wait a few minutes while you’re applying your make-up, and comb through.  Ok, just saved you 45 minutes girlfriend!
  • Avalon organics – Botanicals and essential oils are the key ingredients in Avalon’s organic shampoos and conditioners that leave hair healthy, shiny and bouncy.
  • Alba Botanica – Alba’s shampoos aren’t certified organic, but they are made from all-natural ingredients. The clarifying shampoo is great for getting rid of the build up that you’re old, “other” hair products have left on your hair.

If you use an organic shampoo or conditioner that you find works some awesome magic on your hair?  Share the love in our comments section!