Responsible Jewelry

March 15, 2011

Ok, have to admit….I never feel right heading out the front door until I add some shimmery, sparkly bling or some earthy, hip accessories – depending on the look I’m going for of course! I think jewelry is a super quick and easy way to define a look – agree? A sexy blouse and jeans, a shift dress or this season’s trendiest jumpsuit can be dressed up or down depending on the jewelry you chose.

Here at Jing Ai, my staff and I are inspired by jewelry that is both beautiful and responsible. Responsible? Yep. Jewelry that’s created from natural, pure, non-toxic sources and created by people that are paid a decent wage is eco-chic as well as glamorous. I’m sure you can tell miss smarty….. but if not…….the melange of eco-chic and glamour is what we live for over here!

10 years ago not too many fashionistas were thinking about eco-chic anything……We didn’t give much thought how the materials in our jewelry were sourced (unless it was diamonds darling) and who was paid what.  Now, those considerations are added to the look and price of socially responsible jewelry. Am I speaking your speak?

Lucky for us, we don’t have to sacrifice style. There are so many talented jewelry artists out there making pieces that we love.

  • Ocean Dreamers Jewelry – Stones and glass from the sea and silver sourced from a tribe in Thailand go into these fresh, pretty pieces.
  • World Wise Jewelry – Unique socially and environmentally friendly sterling silver handcrafted jewelry using reclaimed, recycled, and fair trade materials.
  • Fair Indigo – We dare you not to find something you love at Fair Indigo – from the playful button bracelets made from recycled silver and other materials to the Fair Trade gold hoop earrings that are perfect for this spring’s retro-70’s look.
  • greenKarat – Eco-chic fine jewelry is the focus at greenKarat. They even have engagement and wedding rings that you’ll be extra eco-proud to flash around.