Set your table in style

March 17, 2011

Disposable paper napkins are sooooo last century. Reusable cloth napkins are where it’s at now sister – and besides, they are so much prettier on your table too. No trees are harmed in making them and no landfills get clogged with them after just one use – win win!

Today’s cloth napkins are no longer viewed as some retro-relic from your grandmama’s 1950’s dinner party. They’re hip, trendy and essential for every day and every meal.  We don’t see them going out of style again… long as there’s an earth to take care of.

Since smart girlfriends don’t make extra work for themselves, we’ve got these ultra-useful tips to make using cloth napkins easy.

  • For everyday use, we like to use simple cotton printed napkins.  Buy a different color for each family member so you know whose is whose…..or for fun buy assorted napkin rings!
  • If getting ready to set the table for one of your super swanky dinner parties, check out these sets if you thinking about setting a fabulous French table
  • And Grandmama always said…..keep one set of white napkins just for formal dinner parties that you keep spotlessly clean. Use an eco-friendly stain stick before washing to keep them the whitest-white possible.
  • Use your solar dryer (a.k.a. a clothes line in the backyard or on the balcony of your apartment) to dry your napkins to keep the smelling spring fresh.

Despite the usefulness of all-white napkins, colorful napkins in fresh patterns are oh-so-fun and playful. They’re a must-have for casual entertaining. We love these cool olive and turquoise fair trade napkins from Unity and these yarn dyed organic striped napkins from West Elm for a more modern spin.

One last secret (ok a few) we want to share with you about cloth napkins……they feel better, look better and your friends will see you for the rock star entertainer that you are!

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