Recycled Candle Holders

March 18, 2011

When I want to make an impression on my hubby and set a sexy mood for a romantic evening – I am all about lighting tons of yummy smelling candles. And on the flipside, when entertaining outside as I often do (as soon as possible please), the easiest way to decorate a comfy outdoor living space is to layer it up with candles.

Really, is there any grown-up party or entertaining situation that isn’t enhanced by candles? One of the big differences between a candle that sets an “Ooo la la” mood and one that sets a party mood is the candleholder…… and sometimes the scent.

I am all about candleholders made from recycled glass. Glass is one of those materials that can be reused as is, or recycled over and over and over again. I want to share some sources for recycled glass candleholders that have inspired us to throw parties – both intimate-flirty-dreamy parties for two, and groovy-outdoor-cocktaily parties.

  • Square recycled glass votive holder – Picture 5 or 6 of these simple cobalt blue votive holders in a single line going down the center of your backyard picnic table on a warm spring night. They’ll cast a warm glow without taking up too much space.
  • Recycled glass shade lantern – If the glow from the votives on your outdoor table isn’t enough to illuminate your festivities, try these lanterns hung from a tree branch above.
  • Recycled glass tealight holder – A few strategically placed tealights can cast a soft, subtle glow in a dark room – just enough to see what you’re doing during an evening of a little…..ahem….passion.
  • Recycled wine or beer bottle candle holder – For a bit more of a dramatic statement when spending alone time with your soul mate, these beautiful yummy smelling organic candles made from wine or beer bottles will do the trick. They’ll illuminate your evening a little more and burn a little longer…..maybe even all night.

If you’re crafty, you can make your own candle lanterns from your very own recycled glass jars. Come to think of it, you don’t even need to be all that crafty. If you can wrap wire around a glass jar and throw a candle inside it, you can make recycled glass hanging lanterns and make magic by lighting up your entire backyard.  Or if in a hurry, scrap the wire and just make your own hurricanes.  We find that wide mouth jars work best. And don’t forget, if all else fails, you can always stick a tapered candle in a wine bottle and you’re good to go.

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