Organic Dog Food

March 19, 2011

Who said a dog is a man’s best friend? I bet it was a man. What about us girls? Our puppies are our best pals. Whether we have to buy a fabulous Gucci bag to cart our little babies around in or a hybrid-SUV to lug our big babies, we know the furriest members of our families deserve the very best.

Is this sounding like you sister? You make sure your baby travels in style, and that Fido or FiFi is wearing the latest doggie style. (Okay, stop laughing like a 12-year-old boy because you just read the word “doggie style!” We’re talking canine couture here, not … something else.) You pamper your pooch at the most glam pet salon right?

If that’s you, feeding your doggie the best should be a no-brainer. You know that organic foods are the best for your own smokin’ hot body, and all-natural or organic dog food is what’s best for your doggies body too…….They have 7 lives after all.

A quick look at the website Organic Authority will tell you that putting your dog on an natural or organic diet has soooooo many essential benefits. It reduces skin problems, helps your pooch keep a healthy weight and have more energy. Plus, organic food helps with their digestion, improves the immunity system, and can add to quality and longevity of life.  There you have it…….convinced yet?

Here are some brands that will show your best playful pooch pal just how much love you have in your heart for him or her.

  • Karma Organic Food For Dogs – 95% certified organic ingredients go into this dog food. No artificial preservatives, flavorings or fillers for your puppy, right?
  • Newman’s Own Organics Premium Pet Food – Dry food, canned food, and treats for your dog (or your cat – your feline BFF deserves the best, too.)
  • Rachel Ray’s Nutrish – What doesn’t girlfriend Rachel Ray have her hands in these days? She has a line of dog food and treats made with simple, natural ingredients, and she’s giving out free samples, too! Love free samples!
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