Organic Roses

March 20, 2011

Don’t you adore it when a delivery person comes to the door to deliver something you’ve been waiting for? It’s even more exciting when the delivery person shows up with an unexpected surprise – a dozen roses from someone showing you he knows what you’ve known all along. You’re a princess who deserves flowers any time!

Tell us you don’t squeal with delight whenever someone sends you flowers. Of course, you do. Who doesn’t? And, if the flowers are organic, you get to squeal with delight because you admirer thinks both you and the earth are special. There’s a good chance that a guy who thinks like that is a keeper…….am I right?

Thankfully, organic roses and other flowers are getting easier to come by. More flower shops are carrying the pesticide free beauties, and some online companies will ship your loved ones organic roses and more……just send this list to your hotties assistant!

  • Organic Bouquet. Starting at just $39.95, Organic Bouquet will deliver eco-elegant bouquets of roses.
  • California Blooms. While not certified organic, these boutique-grown roses are grown using eco-friendly growing practices.

Local flower farms that grow and sell organic roses (or other flowers) are easy to hunt down on Local Harvest. Simply do a search on their site for flowers in your region.

If you’re looking to go wild with organic roses for a special occasion like a wedding or milestone birthday celebration, is a wholesaler of organic roses and other organic flowers. You can cut out the middle-man (and lessen the dent to your wallet), and perhaps add an additional six days of life to cut flowers, by using them.

So drop a few hints to your hunka-hunka burnin’ love that you’d like organic roses next time he loves you “so much”. Then, after they arrive at your front door, tell him it’s time to pucker up because you plan on thanking him big time for his thoughtfulness.