Jane on Main Flowers

April 1, 2011

OMgosh! This is going to be short and sweet, but I’m just bursting to share with you these fabulous roses that were sent to me by my gal pal. She was congratulating me for following my passions and encouraging me keep on going for it. What’s even more fab about these flowers is that they arrived shortly after I told you how I squeal with delight anytime someone sends me flowers.

Gotta give props to Jane on Main for the eco-friendly container that’s home to this bushel of beauties. The natural vase created from the bark of a birch tree is pure genius! It’s been chilly around here even though spring has officially started, but the fusion of the natural flowers and the natural vase have brought spring right into my office. I so need that right now.

I get inspired to be more daringly creative each time I catch a glimpse of these flowers sitting on my desk. Funny how natural beauty can do that for a girl, isn’t it?

What’s the most creative container you’ve ever received flowers in? Can you top my birch bark vase?