What are your sneakers made of?

April 4, 2011

What are your sneakers made of?

Sneakers. A.K.A trainers, track shoes, athletic shoes, kicks, chucks, bos, gym shoes…

Even the biggest fashionista has a few pairs of these in her closet. Why? Because her flirty LBD and 5 ½ -inch platform stilettos wouldn’t look nearly as sexy if she didn’t break out the sneaks and hit the gym once in a while. Am I right? Of course, I’m right!

Whether you’re serious about fitness or you just like to throw on some playful, comfy sneakers once in a while, have you ever that about the materials those high-rollers are made from?

STOP! No panicking. I’m not telling you to ditch the hot shoes you already have in your closet. That would be re-dunk-u-lous. I am suggesting, that when you’re on the hunt for new sneakers, you consider one of these eco-savvy brands made from materials that are earth-friendly(er).  I must admit, I’m not sure how they melt all the old junk down and repurpose it into these kick-ass shoes……but I bow down to the recycling gods!

  • Simple Shoes – Simple Shoes creates retro-styled sneakers (think Keds or Chucks) made from recycled and sustainable materials. Recycled plastic bottles (used in shoelaces), sustainable hemp and organic cotton are a few of the materials used.
  • Rawganique – Another retro-styled sneaker, Rawganique uses super-sustainable organic hemp in these unisex sneakers that are made under fair labor conditions…. Which of course we LOVE them for that reason alone!
  • Patagonia’s Women’s Bly Hemp – For a serious performance athletic shoe, these shoes are Hemp up top and all sorts of recycled materials in the foot bed and sole.
  • Brooks Green Silence – The favorite eco-friendly shoe of runners, these unisex sneakers use soy-based inks and recycled materials. In fact, 75% of the shoe’s materials are post-consumer recycled.

On the flipside, how can you responsibly say good-by to your old sneakers….

We all know how (please tell me you do?) to recycle paper, glass, metals and even old refrigerators……but what about old sneakers? Sure, you can donate them to the less fortunate, but does anyone really want your smelly, well-loved, treadless old running shoes? Surprise surprise…… there are actually a few places that really do want them.

Recycled Runners is a site that will help you find the closest place to drop off your old sneakers to be donated to the less fortunate or be recycled into things like running tracks and tennis courts. Your old kicks need never end up in a landfill! Put that one on your “how cool am I” list.

Do you have a pair of eco-friendly sneaks in your closet that you want to spread the love about? Don’t keep it a secret, girlfriend. Let me know all about it in the comments.









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