Protect Those Sexy Lips

April 10, 2011

Ok Girlfriends, if diamonds are a gals best friend, then lipgloss is surely her soulmate…  I know I don’t feel complete until my puckers are prettied up.

So what is my secret you ask?

First on the list to achieving the-most-divine-lips ever is weekly exfoliating.  But please be certain that the exfoliator you are using is designed for your sweet lips and not your fabulous face.  Always wear a lip balm to protect your lips from the elements – especially when in the sun……eek did I really say sun?  Even when you go to bed at night put a balm on to hydrate and protect your pout.  Try to find a lip balm that is made with shea butter because it’s so soft and subtle you will just LOVE the way it makes your lips feel.  Other awesome ingredients to look for in lip balms are cocoa butter, vitamin E and safflower oil that are all hydrating and will rock the goddess in you!  Pucker up baby.