Crazy about Candles

April 13, 2011

I want to have a little chit chat today about candles. Who isn’t crazy about candles?  OMG how much do you luuuv coming into a yummy smelling house?

Candles set the mood for an oh-so romantic dinner for two or a festive party for all our favorite peeps, and even help us relax in the bubble bath after a long day Take a look around your home. I bet you have at least one or two pretty candles in almost every room right?

Now, take a look at the wall behind some of your candles or the ceiling above them. Do you see some yucky black soot? I don’t want to get too preachy here, but I gotta tell ya, that soot comes from traditional paraffin candles that are made from petroleum.

I know…. Ewwwww right?

Petroleum is in more products than you’d ever guess, and it’s no big secret that the earth doesn’t hold an unlimited supply of the stuff. We’re already using enough of it to make our cars go. Do we really need to use it to create a little mood lighting? No way, sister.

Natural candles are an eco-friendly alternative to soot-spouting paraffin candles. Soy is a natural crop that can be grown over and over (sustainability is what it’s all about, right?). Beeswax is another totally sustainable and natural product. There are lots of other great alternatives, too.

The smoke from a natural candle isn’t harmful to breathe, and it doesn’t dirty up your walls and ceilings. Plus, since soy, beeswax, and other natural materials burn slower than paraffin, the candles last longer. Better believe I love that!

Here are a few rock star candles that will light up your life in an eco-fabulous fashion.

  • Evan & Earth Soy Candles for Skin Care – These are magic candles. Not only do they burn clean, the oil from the burnt candles can be used as a skin lotion. And, the candles turn into real flowers. Seriously. Okay, truth is the candles don’t turn into flowers but the groovy paper labels on the candles have seeds embedded in them. When planted they turn into daisies, poppies and more.
  • Maura Peters Organic Salvage Candles – These are earth lovin’ candles with organic wax that burns long and clean. The candles are in oh-so fun recycled wine or beer bottles. Want to convince your man to put a candle or two in his place for when you’re there? What better way than to give him a candle in a recycled beer bottle.
  • Marianne Guedin Candles – You can’t get much more chic than a candle designed by France’s designer of the year. One-of-a-kind candles that are naturally “green” come in 15 fabulous fragrances (also made in France) and are available in 14 colors. So to-die-for it makes you want to buy one for each room, Oui?





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