Vegan Handbags

April 26, 2011

Many vegans go beyond saying “no way” to a juicy cheeseburger and kick their veganism up a notch by not purchasing any product that was created by harming an animal. I have such respect for this way of life…….but am a burger lovin’ gal so I swing both ways when it comes to fashion.

At long last……enter the designer vegan handbag for the animal loving fashionista. With new technology at manufacturers fingertips, vegan handbags may look like their not-so vegan counterparts, but they are 100% animal-cruelty-free. No need to be a non-meat eater to be jazzed about that right?  Some of the hottest faux leathers have been created in the past year.

What does it take for a handbag to be considered vegan you ask? Leather, alligator skin, or any animal skin is absolutely out of the question, of course, but so are certain glues that are made from animal by-products. Lots of eco-loving girls consider vegan bags to be environmentally stylish too, because it takes a lot of natural resources to raise animals whose skin ends up slung over our shoulders.

So, if you’re gonna go eco-friendly vegan with your summer handbag, you need to do your homework. Or, hey…….let me do it for you.

I’m crazy about so many eco-fabulous, crueltry-free, trendy, to-die-for vegan handbag designers that I had trouble narrowing them down. In the end, these were my absolute faves.

If you are sporting a vegan bag from one of these designers, no one will even think about the fact that they’re vegan. They’ll just be green with envy over your hot green bag.

Big Buddha – A quick peek at Big Buddha’s home page will show you that they’re all about animal friendly and vegan, and a longer peek at their bags, wallets and accessories will show you they’re also all about the hottest styles and trends.  You’ll flip over these fabulous bags.

Melie Bianco – These vegan, runway-inspired, stylish, budget friendly (‘cause you know, a girl has to pay attention to her budget once in a while) bags show up in the hottest fashion mags like Vogue, Marie Claire, and Glamour. One look at these bags and you’ll know why.

Stella McCartney – It’s not just Stella’s handbags that are cruelty-free; all of her fashions are. When you carry an ethical bag from Stella McCartney, you’re also supporting her charitable work, too. Win-win.