Naturally Divine

May 4, 2011

As summer gets closer we start to feel the need to “take off” and show a little skin right? An easy place to start is with your makeup.
There is nothing worse than a caked on face of foundation…..follow
these easy tips to give you the fresh flawless look of the divine
goddess you are!

When buying your foundation remember to always check and see if it matches your skin tone.  Put a little foundation on the top of your
hand to color match.  The inside of your wrist is usually not a good
choice for matching as that area is little more protected from the sun and will usually be lighter then your face.  When you apply your
foundation only put on the areas of your face that need coverage.  If
your nose and cheeks are what give you problems than cover those areas up and make sure to BLEND, BLEND, BLEND… Use a kabuki brush and lightly buff your entire face for a fresh and flawless look.  If you want to give yourself a sun kissed look, take a light colored bronzer and gently touch up you eyelids, checks and neck area  with the kabuki brush.  You will look like you just got back from that tropical vaca you have been dreaming of…