Smokin' hot eyes

May 19, 2011

Many women ask me the real-deal-low-down on the shelf life of eye makeup.  The answer to that question is that it depends what it is. If you have eye shadow that is made with all natural ingredients then your shelf life is about 12 to18 months. However, if it is an eye shadow made with all those yucky chemicals then it should last about 3 yrs…am really not sure why you’d want to have the same eye shadow for 3 yrs…….but them’s the facts sister!

There are many tricks you can do with your eyes shadow to make it work double-time – but here is my favorite!

If you have a dark eye shadow you can use it as an eyeliner too.  Get yourself a small pointed eyeliner brush.  Any will do.  Next, lightly wet the brush and dip into the pressed or loose eye shadow…  blow off any excess and lightly blend under your lash-line – almost like a liquid eyeliner. Make sure the line is thinner in the inner corner and make thicker as you come to the outer edge of your eye.   Then rinse and repeat above the top lashes.  ALWAYS blend the two corners together to complete the look.

Extra Credit: If you blend further onto the top of your eyelid, (not going above the lid) it will give you a smokin’ sexy-sultry-look.  Good luck lovelies and remember blending is the secret ingredient to any makeup lesson!

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