For your favorite Dad

June 7, 2011

Hey, girlie! Step away from the tie rack. Do not, I repeat, do not buy the dad in your life a tired old tie for Father’s Day. He doesn’t want it. He doesn’t need it. And, no matter how much he says he loves it, he’d rather have something else.

The lovely ladies here at Jing Ai have put their heads together to come up with a list of eco-friendly Father’s Day gifts that any man would be thrilled to unwrap. No ties, grill tools, or tire pressure gauges allowed!

  • Recycled Steel Classic Flask – What man doesn’t want to be able to pull a flask of his favorite liquor out of his suit jacket pocket? This flask is discreet (it holds only 4 oz), and it’s perfectly contoured for a close fit.
  • Bamboo Skateboard – Just because he’s a dad doesn’t mean he’s given up his boyish side. If you’re buying a father’s day gift for someone who spends his time on the half-pipe trying to keep up with kids (or even just his buddies), he’ll flip for an eco-friendly skateboard for Father’s Day.
  • Vagabond Messenger Bag – Vegan, 75 percent organic, unisex and machine washable, this messenger bag is ultra-hip. It can carry a 13-inch laptop and has lots of pockets to organize books, papers, and gadgets.
  • Hemp Hammock – No pesticides have ever touched the fibers of this hammock built for two. It comes complete with hanging hardware if Dad is lucky enough to have the perfect hammock trees. If not, it fits most hammock stands.
  • Wine Barrel Furniture – These outdoor pieces are made from 100% salvaged white oak wine barrels that have been thrown away from California wineries. The chairs are stylish, super sturdy (they hold up to 600 pounds!), and fold up perfectly flat to store in inclement weather. The matching side table is perfect for holding Dad’s beer of choice.

Now, I must ask you. With all of these fabulous eco-friendly Father’s Day gifts to choose from, why would you even think of getting the dad in your life a tie?

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