Go for the glow

June 16, 2011

For those of us that don’t live where it’s beach weather 365 days of the year, we’ve still got a few weeks before we can hit the warm sand or the lounge chair by the pool with our BFF’s to work on our tans the old fashioned way……but of course with tons of sunscreen and a big-ol-hat too.

Enter the dilemma-de-jour. Our spring clothes are showing a lot more of our skin than our winter clothes did, but that skin’s looking pretty pasty right now….not pretty.

Sure, we could hit the tanning salon, but there’s the hassle of fitting it into our already packed schedules. Plus, there’s the concern that what goes on at the tanning salon might not be so healthy for our skin. The alternative is a DIY self-tanner, but even some of those might be harmful to our skin. OMGosh…are you confused?

Let me lay it out for you so you can look and feel fabulous! One of my fav solutions is to use an organic or natural self-tanner (Gee are you surprised?). That way, getting a tan works around my super packed schedule, and I’m not harming my skin I work so hard to pamper. Here are some of the self-tanners I’ve come across that I’d trust my skin to….after all……we only get one skin!

  • Alba Botanica – Alba makes a sunless self-tanning lotion that can be used year-round to give your skin a healthy glow when it’s not summer. They also make a gradual self-tanning lotion that won’t scream, “Hey, I’m using a self-tanner” because you show up one evening with a tan when you didn’t have it earlier during the day when you lunched with the girls.
  • Lavera Go & Glow – This spray-self tanning gel has organic and all-natural ingredients and begins to give your skin a healthier glow within hours of using it. Use it for several days, and you’ll build up a natural looking tan. It’s also great smelling – not something that all self-tanners can claim.
  • Decleor Hydrating Self-Tanning Milk – Quick coloring, moisturizing and 100% organic – it’s a fabulous combination. And, for an added bonus to keep your skin looking its best, this self-tanning milk contains SPF 8 to help block out the harmful rays of the sun when you’re out and about.





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