Ask Donna

June 22, 2011

Q: How do I conceal my wrinkles?

A: Sigh…. As we age it’s only natural that gravity takes over and adds a few lines to our formerly flawless faces. While every face eventually gains distinguished signs of a life well lived, if the number of women that ask me this question is any indication, nobody really wants them to show.

Fortunately, a girl can minimize the appearance of wrinkles with a little cosmetic help. Notice, I said a little. This is one of those instances where the adage less is more totally rings true. Trying to cover up those wrinkles with heavy foundation will only accentuate those well-earned yet unwelcome lines. Try this instead.

1. Use a tinted moisturizer that is one shade darker than your skin tone. (A lighter shade will only highlight your wrinkles, and you don’t want that!)
2. Apply the tinted moisturizer only where you need coverage, not to your whole face.
3. Finally, keep smiling! Those wrinkles that you’ve just minimized really are a sign of your GOOD life!

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