A Vintage Table

June 29, 2011

If you want to get eco-fabulous on top of your dining table there are two directions you can go in. You can purchase new tablecloths made from environmentally-friendly fabrics or you can go on a treasure hunt for vintage tablecloths. I bet there’s room in your linen closet for both, isn’t there?

If you love spending your Saturday mornings hunting for treasures at garage sales and antique stores, you can uncover beautiful vintage linens. There are some fabulous finds out there, and every once in a while you’ll come across the perfect pre-loved tablecloth for your dining area. Don’t forget to have your table’s measurements on hand and a tape measure to make sure that perfect tablecloth will be a perfect fit, too.  If you are a die-hard, don’t forget about your local flea markets where you can often score some incredible finds.

Do you wonder why vintage is considered eco-friendly? Giving someone’s old but beautiful tablecloth is the perfect way to reduce, reuse, and recycle. You’re reducing the number of new tablecloths that need to be made, and you’re reusing/recycling something that already exists – possibly saving it from a long, slow death in a landfill.

If you’re looking for new table linens made from environmentally friendly materials, you have lots of options – organic cotton or linen, bamboo, and hemp. There are even tablecloths made from recycled water bottles, but I’ve never seen one that’s particularly attractive. Here are a few eco-friendly tablecloths that I do find positively eco-fabulous, though.

  • Bambeco makes table linens in fresh, cool colors and patterns from organic and bamboo. I particularly love this saffron-colored Tivoli Organic Table Linen collection. I can see it doing double duty in both my dining area and out on the table on the deck when dining al fresco.
  • Bodrum’s Helenski Pattern is both elegant and colorful at the same time. It’s made from 100 percent organic cotton and will help you set a beautiful table.
  • Amenity makes table runners and place mats that are beautiful and sustainable. Sometimes you don’t want to cover up your entire dining table, but you want a punch of color that will bring your décor together. That’s where Amenity’s earthy and modern table linens come in.
  • Branch’s simple and attractive Moss Stripe tablecloth is made from 60 percent linen and 40 percent organic cotton. This is the linen you use when you want your plates to stand out, not your tablecloth.

What do you prefer – vintage or eco-friendly new? Both? I want to know.

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