Bamboo Kitchen Beauty

July 6, 2011

Beauty and large doses of sustainability – that’s what bamboo products are all about.

Bamboo is everywhere these days. It can be in the luxurious sheet set on your bed, in the fabric of your “reduce/reuse/recycle” t-shirt, and most definitely all over the kitchen that you’re turning into the sustainable hub of your ever-increasingly eco-fabulous home.

What’s bamboo’s sustainable secret? It’s all natural. It grows quickly without the use of fertilizers or pesticides. When it’s harvested for use, it only takes 3-5 years to renew into completely usable bamboo again. With the right processing after harvesting, bamboo is a sustainable powerhouse that can be used everywhere in your home.

In the kitchen, bamboo can’t be beat because it’s the base of durable products that are eye catching and easy on the pocketbook.

One of my fave online stores for buying eco-friendly kitchen items that match my sustainable style is Branch. I’m crazy about almost all of Branch’s hip products, but I’ll restrain myself and only tell you about only a few. I’ll let you discover the rest on your own.

Large Lacquerware Bowls – Who says everything bamboo has to be brown? These large serving bowls made from 100% organic bamboo come in kicky colors like kiwi and strawberry. The bowls are naturally food safe, and they’re perfect for serving salad or brightening up your table as a centerpiece with fresh, seasonal, organic fruit.

Curvy Servers – The perfect complement to the Large Lacquerware Bowls, these cleverly designed and colorful salad servers are made from solid bamboo. A set includes one fork and one spoon for tossing the perfect salad.

Large Condiment Cups – Taco Tuesday will look sooooooo stylish when you put your tomatoes, lettuce and shredded cheese in these perfectly sized bowls. They’re made of 100% organically-grown bamboo, a non-toxic adhesive, and they’re preserved with a natural food-safe wood oil.

Tea Light Trio Candle Holder – A simple, elegant center piece for an indoor or outdoor table, this oblong candle holder is the home for three peacefully calming tea lights. They’re made form 100% organic bamboo.

This is just a sampling of some of the bamboo kitchen items I go gaga for on Branch. Take a look around the site, and let me know what would look great in the hub of your eco-fabulous home.








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