Lovin' Eco Living

July 12, 2011

Ladies, have I got a must-check-out website for you. Earlier this month, LovingEco was launched, and if you’re an eco-fashionista, you need to sign up…….immediately!

Here’s how this website works.

LovingEco lists high-end clothing, accessories and other products from eco-friendly producers at discounts, sometimes deep discounts. Sales begin at 9am PT/12pm ET and run for about 72 hours or until they sell out. New sales are launched each Monday and Thursday.

As I write this, there are six eco-friendly producers with sales listed. Fabulous shoes, handbags, clothing, and candles are today’s options. In a couple of days, those sales will be over and new ones will be added. (I can’t wait to see what they add!)

But, wait. It gets cooler. LovingEco donates three percent of the net proceeds from their sales to worthy charities. There are six charities listed on their site, and one of them is Stand Up to Cancer. By now you know that giving to cancer research is one of Jing Ai’s top priorities. I love it when other do-good eco-beauty companies share my passions!

Before you go shopping your little eco-lovin’ heart out, here are a couple of caveats about this deal website or any deal website.

  • Read the fine print. What is the shipping and handling? What is the return policy? Get all your questions answered before purchasing.
  • Give yourself a little time before you push that purchase button. You don’t have to impulse shop. If there happens to be an item you’ve been looking for, snatch it up. If something catches your eye that you weren’t planning on buying, give yourself a few hours to think about it. If it sells out before you get to buy, don’t panic. If you didn’t know it existed until a few hours ago, you don’t really need it, right?

After you pop over to LovingEco, pop back here and let me know if you purchased anything.