Embracing the organic rose

July 19, 2011

Sunday mornings. A time to relax and take a break from the crazy hectic life we all lead during the week. A time to dream and let inspiration hit.

While enjoying my Sunday morning cuppa and The Philadelphia Inquirer paper (yep, I’m still old school with my Sunday news), the Sunday morning magic did it’s trick. I read something that inspired me. Seems the Rose Garden at Morris Arboretum in Chestnut Hill, PA is going old school, too. The eye-poppin’ public rose gardens have said “buh bye” to the chemical pesticides and embraced organic. Halleluiah!

Girls, you know I love all things organic and I adore roses, and when you put the two together, I get a little happy. And, when organic roses are declared hip by an icon in the rose world like Morris Arboretum, I’m filled with glee.

Then I thought to myself, “If a world class arboretum can care for its roses organically, shouldn’t we all be able to care for the gorgeous roses in our yards the same way?”

Of course we should be……and OMGosh, it turns out it’s as easy as steeping a pot of tea. The Morris Arboretum uses compost tea, “a natural fertilizer made by soaking or steeping decomposed organic matter, such as grass clippings, leaves, weeds, sawdust, and wood chips, in a huge vat of water.”

Don’t let the word vat have you running scared. You don’t need a huge vat to make your own compost tea. Just a scrappy DIY attitude and a five-gallon bucket.

  1. Fill a five-gallon non-plastic bucket with compost halfway. You can buy organic compost at any home and garden store.
  2. Fill the rest of the bucket with water. Cover.
  3. Allow the mixture to sit outside for about two weeks.
  4. Fill a spray bottle about 1/5 full of water from the tea that has been strained through cheese cloth or even old pantyhose,
  5. Fill the rest of the spray bottle with clean water. You can add a little fresh squeezed lemon juice for a little added critter killing kick.
  6. Spray onto roses like you would a pesticide, except you don’t have to worry about harming yourself or the earth with the spray!

What do you think girls? Are you inspired to let your roses bloom naturally?






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