Sugar Free Shoes

July 26, 2011

Sometimes, becoming eco-friendly takes a girl to an area she doesn’t expect – like into her closet. Sure, she might expect to eat organic food or drive a cute, gas saving Prius, but expecting to choose her fashions based on what’s good for the earth? That seems a bit extreme, doesn’t it?

It’s not as extreme as you might think. As fashion designers become more aware of the positive impact they can have on the environment by making smart choices, the choices they offer us fashionistas become more and more fabulous. There’s no longer a need to choose between being stylish and being green. We lucky girls can have it all.

And, speaking of being stylish, I have found a designer of vegan shoes that totally fits my hip style. OlsenHaus makes 100% animal-free / cruelty-free shoes that I have fallen head over heals in love with. Not only are the materials in these shoes vegan, they’re also environmentally friendly.

Since every girl has her own unique style, you’ll want to check out all the shoes in OlsenHaus’ Spring ’11 collection, but I thought I’d share my faves with you. I’ve been rockin’ the wedges lately – they’re hip and stylish, give me some added height, yet my feet don’t get tired wearing them by the end of the day.

OlsenHaus’ Mrs. Roper wedge is my new obsession. First of all, what a perfect name for these 1970’s inspired wedge shoes (if you don’t know why, take a moment and Google Mrs. Roper). Secondly, they’re gorgeous! I’ll be wearing these with all of my summer whites, and I can’t think of a better shoe to dress up and add a pop of color to a perfect fitting pair of jeans and a cool white blouse for heading out with my BFF to see a chick flick, can you?

As I add eco-friendly fashions to my closet, I have a feeling there’ll be several pairs of OlsenHaus’ vegan shoes filling it.

Have you found a designer of eco-friendly shoes that you love? Don’t keep it all to yourself, darling. Share!