Ask Donna

August 3, 2011

Q: What are some cool mascara tips to give my eyes different looks?

A: I love this question.  So many of us get stuck in the same old boring mascara routine, but I think everyone needs to get fresh and try different techniques. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your makeup, especially around your eyes.

Try these experiments:

If you’re trying to make your eyes look wider and brighter (ummmm…. who isn’t?), apply two coats of mascara to your bottom lashes. Don’t do the same with the top lashes, though. Just do a very light dusting on top.  It’s as easy as that to give your face a fresh, perky, livening up.

Now, if you want to create a glamorous look, line the top lid of your eyes with black liner. Then, apply many coats of mascara to the top lashes only.  I know it’s going to be hard, but leave your bottom lashes alone! I mean it. This look creates a movie star siren look.

Finally, I’m going to share with you one of my best-kept secrets. If you want to give your eyes an amazing look, break out your hair dryer and your eyelash curler. Blow warm air on the eyelash curler for five seconds. Touch it to make sure it’s not too hot, and then curl your lashes like you regularly do. Add a coat of mascara, and then curl once again. This creates a beautiful wide eye that will catch the attention of more admirers than you’ll be able to count.

Darlings, give one of these techniques a try. It’s just make up. If you don’t like it, wash it off and start over…




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