Catalog overload

August 30, 2011

It may still be summer, but sooner or later (and sadly, probably sooner), you’ll open your mailbox to find a holiday-themed catalog. Noooooooooooo….. Who wants to think about holiday shopping now? Definitely not me my friends. I’m still soaking up the sun.

There is one thing I need to think about now. When it comes to those pesky catalogs, I need to cancel them pronto if I want to make sure I don’t get tons between now and New Year’s.

I’m not even sure why I get half of these things. I’ve never ordered from many of them. They waste paper, ink and even gas. Think about how much heavier all those holiday catalogs make the mail trucks. The heavier a truck is; the more fuel it gobbles up. And, as a bonus, I’ll help lighten my mail carrier’s load this holiday season…….I am sure his back will thank me!

Still, the thought of spending hours going to each catalog’s website to tell them to knock it off with the mailings is totally unappealing. Fortunately, a friend told me about Catalog Choice. I love, love, love this website that helps anyone manage their catalogs, unsolicited mail, and phone books.

Here’s how easy it is to cancel unwanted catalogs. Grab every catalog in your home and start purging. Make two piles – one for keeping and one for cancelling.

I’ve got a personal challenge for all my eco-minded fashionista friends out there. Cancel at least half of your catalogs. Come on, girls. You know you’re never going to order anything from all of those right?

Next, sign up for a free account on Catalog Choice. Then, search for the name of each catalog in your cancel pile and follow the easy instructions to request cancellation. Now is the perfect time. The next few months are the heaviest for catalog mailings. You can really make a dent in the paper and other waste if you cancel in late summer/early fall.

Once you get the hang of cancelling catalogs on this great site, you might even want to use some of Catalog Choices other services. Some of them are free, like the catalog cancelling, and others come with a small subscription fee.

This upcoming holiday season let’s save some trees from being needlessly chopped down and our mail carrier’s backs from being needlessly sore.

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