Ask Donna

August 31, 2011

Q: How do I control oily skin?

A: You might look at that oily skin as a curse, and I totally get that. But, before I tell you how to combat it, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Ladies with oily skin usually are able to fight off wrinkles till much later in life… That’s good news you weren’t expecting, isn’t it?

However, that doesn’t mean you need to go around blinding people with the reflection of the shine off your face. In fact, if you don’t control the oil from day to day, you’ll have to deal with makeup meltdowns, large pores and acne breakouts.

Best advice? Keep your skin clean and fresh. A great way to do that is to invest in Clarasonic’s sonic skin care and use daily. It gets your skin squeaky clean and controls the day-to-day oilies.

When you moisturize (yep, even oily skin benefits from a moisturizer) use one that is gel based. Cream based moisturizers may be too heavy for your skin.

I promise you, if you get into a daily routine, your skin will feel fresh and fight off the shine every time…

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