Reinventing the tootbrush

September 20, 2011

Time to take a minute away from thinking about beauty, fashion and decorating for a bit and talk about something very practical (It’s gotta be done once in a while.). Did you ever think of how many plastic toothbrushes you’ve sent to the landfill during your lifetime? Plastic in a landfill takes just about forever to biodegrade, and toothbrushes are not environmentally friendly.

Don’t start to freak-out, girlfriend. I’m not going to tell you to stop brushing your teeth to save the earth…..That would be crazy! There’s no way I’m going to ask you to sacrifice your oral health and your dazzling smile. Besides, there’s absolutely no reason to make that type of sacrifice.

What if when you were done with your toothbrush, you didn’t have to throw it away? It’s plastic, and plastic can be recycled, right? I’ve come across a clever company, Preserve , that takes back the toothbrushes that they sell so they can recycle them into new toothbrushes and other plastic products.

Preserve is more than just toothbrushes. They make razors that can be recycled, too. Think about it. You’ve probably thrown away 10x the number of razors as you have toothbrushes since the first time you nicked your anklebone in junior high. Preserve also makes recyclable tableware, food storage and other kitchen items.

All their products are made out of recycled #5 plastic – any #5 item. That means that they can recycle items like yogurt containers and butter tubs into their products. Not many township recycling programs accept #5 plastics, and chances are you end up throwing those items in the trash with a twinge of guilt. You don’t have to. Through their Preserve Gimme 5 program, you can drop your #5’s off at convenient locations for recycling.

Recycling toothbrushes, razors and yogurt containers certainly isn’t part of the sexy side of being eco-friendly, but it’s really important. Preserve makes it easy to keep these things out of landfills, and their products are pretty stylish (well about as stylish as a toothbrush can get). Check ‘em out.

Image: eperales