Recycle your Pumpkin

September 29, 2011

Everyone loves carving pumpkins right?  Pumpkin carving is a fun hands on Halloween tradition.  There is no greater joy then putting your hands inside the body of a pumpkin and touching all that gooey stuff inside.

After all the cobwebs have been cleared and all the candy eaten, and your last sugar high is gone until the next holiday, why don’t you compost you pumpkin.

It’s environmentally friendly!  Take your pumpkin and smash it (which is another fun thing to do if you’ve never tried it) and add it to you compost pile.  Then click on this link and follow the instructions.  You will feel great after you are done knowing that you are adding to mother natures beautiful planet.

p.s If you really want to go all out and use the entire pumpkin, roast the seeds after you scrape it out for a yummy and healthy snack.

Image: Matt McGee


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