Green Cake

October 11, 2011

If I’ve heard this phrase once, I’ve heard it a thousand times, “It’s easy being green.” I know, it’s a totally overused phrase, but as I’ve been making eco-friendly changes little by little, I’ve discovered that it’s really true.

One of my favorite celebrity chefs found out it’s true too. Are you a fan of TLC’s “The Cake Boss”? I’m a huge fan. Carlos Bakery makes the most amazing cakes, but the bakery doesn’t always use the most sustainably sourced ingredients.  Boo Hoo right?

When Mauro “Chef Mario” Castano was asked to make a cake for the Garden State GreenFest at Kean University, he wasn’t asked to make just any cake. He was asked to make the world’s largest organic cake! I’m lickin’ my lips just thinking about a humungous organic cake, aren’t you?

At first, he didn’t know if he could do it since he doesn’t usually use organic ingredients, but he rose to the challenge. reported that he made a “4-foot-long carrot cake made from natural and fair-trade organic ingredients.” Okay, now I’m not just lickin’ my lips, I’m drooling….. just a bit. I love carrot cake!

GreenFest was a festival with environmentally educational exhibitions and activities, and it turns out Chef Mario got a little education himself. He discovered “the ingredients are out there. If everyone just did little things like this, we could make an impact.”

Kudos to the fabulous Chef Mario for learning this easy lesson. If we all just did little things…

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