Ask Donna

October 12, 2011

Q: How can I give myself a natural eyelift with makeup?

A: When it comes to your eyes, gravity starts creates a slow, unwelcome descent as you age. Here are a few tips to give yourself an immediate eyelift when you begin to notice your eyes misbehaving.

Always line the upper and lower lids with an eye pencil and smudge the pencil lines with a smudging brush. This will help to camouflage the fact that your eye is changing.

Never leave the lines unsmudged, a harsh line will give you the opposite effect.

Apply a few strokes of mascara to your lashes (not too heavy) to give your eyes a fresh look and draw attention their brightness and freshness and not gravity’s cruel trick.

Voila… your fresh look with beautiful lashes will give you that natural eyelift you’re hoping for.

Image: Andy Rennie

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