Organic Perfume

November 1, 2011

I have a question for you, girls. What do you splurge on? What are willing to pay top dollar for because it’s going to make you feel fabulous?

Me? One of my essential splurges is organic perfume. It’s worth it to know I’m putting a fragrance made with yummy ingredients on my body. I know I smell heavenly when I’m wearing one of my organic perfumes that I’ve carefully selected. I feel good about the fact that what I’m spritzing on my skin isn’t harmful, and that’s so important to me. Expensive perfume isn’t worth a penny if it’s made with harmful ingredients.

What’s my most recent splurge of choice? If you could peek onto the top of my vanity, you’d find a bottle of Vamp à New York This perfume captures the voluptuous atmosphere of New York City – one of my most fave places in the world. But, make no mistake; this organic fragrance is from France where creating fragrance is an art. With hints of the tuberose flower, vanilla, and other natural elements, this divine scent is absolutely worth the splurge.

If you like to sample perfumes before you make a splurge, you need to head to Aftelier Perfumes. Fragrances made from pure and natural elements are all you’ll find on this site, and you can order small samples before you commit to a full bottle. For a few dollars, you can try samples of Aftelier’s liquid, solid, and spray fragrances as well as their bath and body oils.

Do you have an organic or natural fragrance that you splurge on? Don’t keep it to yourself. I shared my favorite; now you have to share yours.

Image: Vetiver Aromatics

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