Tricks of the Trade…

December 8, 2011

Q. How Do I make my nose look smaller?

Every girl has something on her face or body that she wants to change and the nose is often that something.  I get asked about altering the appearance of a nose an awful lot.

You already know the guidelines for making something look smaller. If you want your body to look thinner, you dress in darker colors, right? That works for your nose, too. Use a darker concealer in conjunction with a lighter one to give your nose the illusion of being smaller.

If your nose is long and you want it to appear shorter, take the darker concealer and put it on the tip of your nose.  Then blend a lighter concealer on the sides and top of nose. Blend well and your nose will appear shorter.

If your nose is wide and you want it to look thinner, take a darker concealer and put a line on both sides of your nose, and then blend it well into your skin. Then take the lighter shade of concealer and put it down the top of your nose and blend well. Your nose will appear to be thinner.

Give these tips a try and let me know how you made out!

Image: Tom Mooring