Homemade Brush Cleaner

January 12, 2012

Q. How often should you clean your makeup brushes and what’s the best way to do it?
A. Makeup brushes often get neglected, so good for you for recognizing they need to be cleaned regularly. Once a month should do it. Here’s what you want to do:
Dampen just the head of the brush. Don’t get the barrel or handle wet.
Gently massage a mild shampoo into the bristles and rinse with warm water.

Lay the brush on a towel with the head hanging over the sink. Both sides of the brush dry to its original shape if you dry it this way.

In between regular shampoos use a homemade brush cleaner (recipe below) to prevent bacteria buildup, especially on the brushes you tend to throw in your makeup bag uncovered.

Homemade organic brush cleanser

At your local health food store, get some witch hazel, lavender oil and tea tree oil. You will also need a two-ounce size spray bottle.

Fill the bottle up with witch hazel and put in two drops each of tea tree oil and lavender oil. Witch hazel is an astringent and will help clean the brushes. Lavender oil and tea tree oil will sanitize the brushes. (And make them smell nice!)

Let me know how you make out!


Pure Love x0x0

Image: Matt Trostle

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