How Cool Are People Towels?

January 17, 2012

When I’m out for with the girls for a chick flick, and I need to pop into the lady’s room, I’m always amazed by the mounds of paper towels spilling out of the waste can. Even when there is an air dryer, I still see a lot of paper towel trash. Slightly damp, but otherwise perfectly clean paper towels end up getting thrown away.  It’s such a waste.  It’s enough to make a gal want to dry her hands on the back of her jeans, and if you’re wearing jeans, that’s not such a bad option. But if you’re wearing anything else, it’s certainly not an option. What is an option are these cool People Towels that everyone seems to be chatting about.
 What’s a People Towel? It’s a 100% organic, fair trade cotton reusable personal hand towel that comes in really groovy designs.  Each towel is small (so it fits in even your tiniest bag), light weight, and quick drying.  The hip designs on People Towels are made with eco-friendly dyes, and the towels become softer after repeated washings.
 The makers of People Towel estimate that if you switch from drying your hands with paper towels or an air dryer to using a People Towel for one year, you’ll save a quarter of tree, reduce landfill waste by 23 pounds, conserve 250 gallons of water, and cut your carbon emissions by 34 pounds. Imagine if everyone carried one of these little babies with them?!!! 
I particularly like the Peace, Love, and People Towels collection and the Breast Cancer Fund Collection and B.Y.O Towel Collection…. actually I like them all!


What do you say, ladies?  Would you be willing to carry an eco-chic People Towel in your bag to help save trees, water and the environment?
Pure Love XoXoXo