Love My Belly Butter:)

January 26, 2012

Q. How do I keep my belly from getting stretch marks?

  A. There is no magic answer to that question. Your body, the type of skin you have, and your life experiences really determine that outcome.  However, a really good friend of mine is preggers with her first bundle of joy, and she’s crazy about a product by Zoe Organics called Love My Belly Butter. This product was created with love to help relieve dry, itchy skin that often occurs when pregnant bellies stretch, especially in the winter. 

Love My Belly Butter is packed with shea butter and organic oils (including coconut oil that you all know I’m crazy about for Organicsnourishing and healing your skin). The extracts and essential oils in it are effective in the prevention and the healing of stretch marks.  So if you are looking for something to prevent stretch marks (or help lessen the appearance of some of the stretch marks a life well lived might have gifted you with), try Love My Belly Butter for your beautiful bod.

Pure Love Grows  X0X0X0

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