First Day of the Rest of Your Life

January 31, 2012

I love, love, love that so many brides-to-be (and grooms-to-be) are thinking eco-friendly when it comes to their weddings and their receptions. So many areas of the special day can be greened-up, starting with what many brides consider the most important decision they have to make (after who the groom will be, of course) – which gown to choose. 

Just a decade ago, brides who wanted to have an eco-friendly wedding gown had few choices. Going second hand was probably the only way to go. While there’s nothing wrong with a second hand gown, there are many to-die-for gowns out there just begging to be re-worn, it’s not the only option anymore. Talented designers are working with eco-friendly materials and designing gowns to have a life that outlasts the wedding day. 

I’ve been absolutely blown away by the eco-friendly wedding gown choices I’ve seen lately, especially the gowns in the Natural Bridal Collection. Morgan Boszikov designs elegant, fashionable, beautiful gowns made with sustainable fabrics. 

I’m particularly gaga over her Carmen gown. A mix of sustainable materials – hemp, organic linen, and silk – blend together to make a mermaid-style gown that’s rouched in the bodice and upper skirt and long, flowy and dreamy on the bottom. This is one stunning gown. 

Boszikov gets even eco-friendlier with her designer collection by donating 5% of her profits to environmental causes. My kind of girl! 

These gowns are designed in Atlanta, Georgia, but you don’t have to be a Georgia Peach to wear one on your big day. Boszikov works with brides from all over the world. 

What do you think of the Natural Bridal Collection gowns? Any other fabulous, eco-friendly wedding gown designers that you’re a big fan of?

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