Organic Is The New Sexy

February 7, 2012

Organic is the new sexy
I’m sure you know by now that I love things created from organic, recycled or biodegradable materials. My belief is that anything we can do to help out Mother Nature gets an A+ in my book. That’s why I’m sooo happy to share with you super cool companies that create, hip organic products when I find them. I’ve recently discovered two that are must shares with all my girls.

The first is a company I went crazy for at first site, Twisted Silver. This hip, eco-friendly jewelry company goes, as they say in their tagline, “Above and beyond the call of jewelry.” They make some of the coolest necklaces, bracelets, rings and accessories I’ve ever laid my eyes on, and trust me, I’ve spied more than my share of jewelry in my life.

Everything at Twisted Silver is made out of earthy base metals, recycled metals, found objects and vintage asymmetry. Pretty cool, right? Check them out, and join me in my addiction to their site and products.

A girl can’t live by jewelry alone, though. She’s gotta have some clothes on or she might get in a wee bit of trouble. I love to wear good looking clothes that are made out of organic cotton and sustainable fabrics. The second company I want to share with you today is Indigenous Designs, a fair trade and organic clothing company you’ll flip for.

You’re going to love the hip, stylish casual clothing from Indigenous Designs. These are clothes you can wear every day, but they’re certainly not your ordinary casual clothes. They pride themselves in making cool clothes so you can look your best while still supporting fair trade and organic.
Remember girls, natural and organic is the new sexy. Throw together an outfit from Indigenous Designs and add a few accessories from Twisted Silver, and you’ll be lookin’ your sexy best any day of the week.


Pure Love Grows X0X0X0

Image: Gretchen Niaki

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