Would U Wear Wood on Ur Wrist?

March 13, 2012

Eco-hip fashion accessory alert! Pay attention, girls because I’ve got a new fave that I must share with you all. I came across what I think are just about the coolest watches ever by WeWood. WeWood’s green and trendy timepieces are made out of all different types of sustainable wood. Have you ever seen a watch as hip as this before? I don’t think soooooo!

I love, love, LOVE these watches, and I’m particularly smitten with the WeWood DATE model that’s a mixture of brown, red, and green-toned woods. (I do have a big pouty-lip right now because that particular model is sold out, but I’m stalking the site for when it’s back in stock.) Besides being super hip, what’s to love about these watches? Here are a few facts that will make all my eco-fashionista friends fall in love with them.

The timepieces are made from mostly scrap wood. In addition to saving scraps of wood that would usually be trashed, for each WeWood watch bought, a tree is planted in conjunction with American Forests. These watches aren’t just for show. They have state-of-the-art Miyota movements that keep excellent time. These watches are often written about as watches for the guys-only, but don’t you believe it. They’re big and chunky, but they are fabulous for the gals, too, especially if you’re going with a casual, natural look.

These watches are a such a cool concept and a great way to give back to Mother Nature for the resources she provides us with. We get ultra-hip watches, and she gets more lovely trees that filter our air, provide many of her creatures with a home, and give us some natural, cooling shade.

WeWood watches are one of my all-time fave products I’ve shared with you. As I always remind you, who says that being green and doing something good for mother nature needs to be boring? Sustainable, organic, and green is the new SEXY, baby!

Pure Love Grows X0X0X0

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