The Hickory Tree

March 14, 2012

If one of your DIY hobbies is sewing, I have a tip for you. Don’t buy plastic buttons. Buy buttons made from trees. The Hickory Tree, a cool Etsy store, sells tree buttons in various shapes, sizes, and shades that will look fab on clothing, handbags, pillows, funky window treatments and more. These buttons are hand crafted from cross sections of Cherry, Birch, Oak, Maple and Apple tree branches.

The wood is dried in a kiln, but 6 to 10 percent of their moisture remains so they don’t warp or crack. The creative, crafty Etsy store owner, Linda, hand finishes the buttons with sandpaper and preserves them with an exotic nut oil that leaves them smooth to the touch.

These buttons are great for DIY’ers, but think of how great it would be if all fashion designers used wooden buttons on their clothes. We could eliminate millions of plastic buttons from our waste stream with these completely biodegradable buttons. I just love this fashion forward concept and the feeling that you are wearing something that is very unique, just like you are:)

Pure Love Grows X0X0X0