Green Thumb

March 27, 2012

Now that spring has sprung, I’m doing all I can to get my roses in order. I don’t have the greenest thumb in the world, but I do know an awful lot about roses. One of my secrets to growing healthy, beautiful roses is coffee grounds. Yes, coffee grounds.

Do you know about this trick that’s oh-so easy-peasy and oh-so beneficial to your roses? Feed your roses the leftover grounds from your coffee, and they’ll grow like you won’t believe.  Here’s what you do. You can mix the coffee grounds in with your compost if you have it, and it will enrich the compost that you put on your roses. Or, mix the grounds with some kitchen waste (potato peels, egg shells, broccoli stems, etc.), and then mix that right into the dirt around the base of your rosebushes.

You can also make a super liquid fertilizer by taking the grounds from one full, 10-12 cup coffee maker, and mixing them with five gallons of water. Use it to water your roses and other plants in your garden up to twice a month.

What’s so special about coffee grounds? They contain small amounts of nitrogen, an ingredient found in most chemical plant foods. They also make the dirt surrounding your roses more acidic, and roses love acidic soil.

The grounds also lighten the soil around your rosebushes making it easier for the roots to spread out. Stronger roots mean more growing and blooming at the top of the bush. The coffee grounds even help attract worms, and when those worms wriggle throughout the soil beneath your rosebushes, they loosen the soil and let in oxygen.

If that’s not enough, coffee grounds can help to scare away some garden common pests and keep bacteria away from your bushes naturally.

And you thought you were just going to throw those coffee grounds away, didn’t you? No way. Next time you’re in the garden store looking at fertilizer, put it down. Then head into your own kitchen, grab the coffee grounds left over from this mornings cuppa, and you’ll have what you need to grow beautiful, healthy roses.

Let me know how you made out 🙂

Pure Love Grows XoXoXo

Image: Paul Sullivan

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