Happy Happy Easter

April 3, 2012

Well, Easter almost snuck up on me this year. Fortunately, last weekend I realized it was coming up and jumped at the chance to do a little project with my kids. I’ve always loved doing fun projects with my boys for Easter, but they’re getting older. The day where they say, “No thanks,” to my suggestions of mother/son creative afternoons hasn’t happened yet, but I know it’s not too far away. I need to create these types of memories with them while I still can.

This year, we made cardboard eggs using old scraps of wallpaper that are leftover from past projects. (Reduce, reuse, recycle, baby!) I bought two pieces of white poster board, an egg template, and some colorful string from the hobby store. Then, we set out to work. Here’s what we did.

We traced the template on the cardboard and cut out many eggs.
Then, we took a hole punch and punched holes in the tops of all the eggs.
We took the colorful string and tied small loops through the punched out holes on the eggs.
Then we went through old scraps of wallpaper that have collected over the years from our past home projects. We picked out what we liked and cut them out with the egg template.We peeled the wallpaper and attached to both sides of the cardboard cutouts.

Each egg looks beautifully decorated and I hung each one from one end of my kitchen to the other. It makes me very happy to know that I will have this little piece of my boys’ artwork for many years to come. Someday, I hope to share them with my grandchildren and tell them stories about their dads.

I hope you all enjoy this very cool project. Your children’s faces will light up when they see their masterpieces hanging in your kitchen (and so will your face).   Happy Easter:)

Pure Love Grows XoXoXo

Image: Aussie Gal

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