Keep Ur Face Looking Fresh

April 17, 2012

In the quest for finding the fountain of youth, I’ve met many people who have gone to drastic measures to look as young as possible. I’d rather take some less drastic measures to slow down the evidence of age on my face and embrace what I can’t change.
Understanding what factors play into the way you age can help you figure out which of the less drastic measure work for you. Certainly genetics play a part, and there is a little you can do about that. But, diet (like adding turmeric regularly) and skincare are factors you can control.

When it comes to your skin, exfoliation is so important. You have to wonder if one of the reasons that men don’t seem to age as quickly as woman is that they exfoliate every day. They might not realize they’re doing it, but every time they shave, they are removing dead skin and letting new skin emOf course, you won’t be shaving your face, but you can exfoliate your face regularly – every other day is ideal.Buy a cleanser that best fits your skin type.Take some of that cleanser and mix some refined sugar into the cleanser to make your exfoliator.Spread the exfoliator on your face and move your fingers in a cirdular motion so you can feel the sugar moving on your skin. The gentle abrasiveness of the sugar will remove dead skin cells on your face.After two minutes of exfoliating, use a washcloth wet with lukewarm water to remove any leftover cleanser.Follow up with your favorite moisturizer (preferably one with an SPF), and you’re good to go.Remember, take good care of your skin, and you won’t feel the need to resort to drastic measures!
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