Plastic Versus Glass

July 10, 2012

What’s holding last night’s leftovers in your refrigerator – plastic or glass containers? I’ve been switching to glass containers and ditching some of my plastic containers recently because glass is safer to store food in and it’s more eco-friendly. You’ve probably heard the buzz about BPA (bisphenol A) lately, a chemical that’s used in some plastics. The government says it’s perfectly safe, but tests show that may not be true. BPA has been linked to prostate and breast cancer, infertility, heart disease, and diabetes. This chemical can leach out of the plastic containers and into the foods stored in them. Yuck! Not all plastics contain BPA. Those that have the recycling labels #1, #2 and #4 on the bottom are BPA-free.

Check the bottom of your plastic container. If they have any other number than those, my advice it to get rid of it. You can opt to have them recycled. Earth911 is my fave website to help find where you can get plastics (and anything else) recycled. Even the plastics that don’t contain BPA still have various chemicals in them that can leach into food. If you do use plastic, never reheat food in the plastic in the microwave. That’s when the most damaged can occur. Always transfer the food into a non-plastic container before heating it up.

Storing food in glass containers is also more eco-friendly. Glass can be recycled into glass over and over. Plastic containers get recycled into other items, and new materials (including petroleum) are usually used to create other plastic containers. I have a variety of glass containers to store food in. Some of them I purchased from manufactures like Anchor Hocking or Pyrex. Some of them are pasta sauce jars or jelly jars that I’ve washed and reused. It’s like free food storage! One last thing I love about using glass – I can always see exactly what’s in the container. Even see through plastic containers aren’t perfectly clear. With glass, it’s obvious what’s in the container, and I waste less food when I know exactly what I have. What’s your favorite way to store leftovers in your fridge?

Image: Rubbermaid Products

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