Chillin To The Tunes

July 25, 2012

It’s summer, and summer celebrations need a soundtrack. Right, girls? It’s good to live in the age when creating a compilation of songs takes just a few clicks of a mouse in iTunes or on Amazon.    I’ve been playing around, finding some of the best songs to for sitting on the back deck with a glass of Peach Basil White Sangria or lying on the beach, and I thought I’d share them with you for your mid-July listening pleasure.

What? You thought I spent all my time working? No way, girlfriends. I do work hard, but I know how to enjoy my down time, too!

Here are some ofthe songs I’ve come up with so far – I’ve mixed up some classic summer songs
with some more modern tracks for a great variety.

What summer songs can you add to my play list?  Help me build the ultimate summer song compilation!

Image: Relaxing Music