DIY Sunburn Remedies

August 8, 2012

It drives me crazy to see all the back to school ads when summer is barely half over!  I’m still having fun in the sun, but Madison Avenue wants me to start thinking about fall.  No way, sister.  There are plenty of pool and beach days left, and I’m going to relish each and every one.

And while I’m careful to use sunscreen, once in a while, my skin can get a little burnt.  When I get a slight sunburn, I reach for natural remedies to relieve the pain like one of these.


  • Prevention suggests using witch hazel because it can provide long-lasting anti-inflammatory relief. Just moisten a clean cloth with the astringent and apply to burn skin, reapplying as necessary.
  • A bath in apple cider vinegar can provide relief according to Huffington Post.  Add the vinegar to your bath water. (Just make sure you don’t have a big date right after!)
  • How about trying pulverized potatoes! Discovery Health says potatoes cooling and pain relieving properties are known world wide. Cut two clean potatoes into small pieces, pulverize them in a blender of food processor, add a little water if they’re too dry, and apply to burn areas.
  • Natural News has a recipe for a natural sunburn spray that uses water and essential oils. Mix them together, put in a spray bottle, and spritz on your burn skin.

Remember, girls.  Avoiding sunburn is really important, but if you do end up with a burn, treat   your skin gently with a natural remedy.  Do you have any home remedy advice for treating slight sunburns?

Pure Love Grows XxO

Image: Phil Kates