Recycled Vino Glasses

September 18, 2012

A wine glass breaks. And then another. And then one day you have a few girlfriends over and realize that you have just enough wine glasses for everyone to enjoy their vino, but if someone else knocks on your door to join the festivities, they’ll be drinking out of a juice glass. Oh no!

When it comes time to replenish your wine glasses, what about buying recycled wine glasses. Think about it. What better use could there be for all that glass you conscientiously put into recycling containers than for it to be made into wine glasses? I’m having a hard time thinking of something better.

I found these hip, stemless recycled wine glasses Uncommongoods that scream cool and edgy to me. They’re perfect in the fall when you start drinking more red wine on the cool evenings. They have a slight green tint to them from some of the recycled glass that has been used to make them, and they’re sturdy. One thing I love about these recycled stemless wine glasses is that they’re not going to break as easily as stemmed glasses because there are no stems to break in the dishwasher.

What’s your opinion of these edgy, recycled wine glasses? Hip or no. I’d really you’re your opinion because I’m thinking of buying some for holiday gifts, too.  PureLoveGrows XxO

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