Carved Out

October 2, 2012

Why is that when I put away the winter boots and snow pants each spring, I do a happy dance, but when I have to put away the strappy sandals and bathing suits each fall, I get a little blue? I gotta tell you girls, Mother Earth new what she was doing when she made fall so amazing with all its colors and wonderful smells because she knew we mortals would have trouble letting go of summer.
The beautiful fall colors are one of the reasons I can’t stay sad for too long at the end of summer. I love to move from wearing the light colors of summer to the rich colors of fall. I also get a huge kick out of clothing my home in all the beautiful colors of fall. Out of all the seasons, I love to decorate most in the fall because of all the natural choices I get to pick from. One trip to the farm market, and I’m ready to turn my home into an autumn showcase.
Pumpkins and gourds. Everyone needs a pumpkin or two for fall decorating. You can turn them into jack-o-lanterns, write names on small ones for place cards at a dinner party, or try one of these
62 pumpkin decorating ideas from Martha Stewart. My fave idea is Pumpkin Party Cooler. A carved out pumpkin is used as an ice bucket to hold beverages – pumpkin ale and hard cider perhaps?

Flowers. I have fresh flowers in my house  all year round, and of course I love, love, love
my roses, but I also love the warm colors of fall flowers. Deep red, orange and yellow colored flowers arranged in a vase are a welcome site on the newly-chilly fall mornings when I come down to make my coffee.

Cornstalks and hay bales. These are definitely outdoor decorations – no telling what type of bugs you might bring in the house that are hidden inside these farm leftovers. Many farm markets sell their cornstalks once they’ve turned brown. It’s amazing how something that has actually died can make such a pretty decoration by the front door, isn’t it? Again, our girl Mother Nature new what she was doing. Add a hale bale into the mix, a few colorful pumpkins and potted mums, and you’ve got a natural, welcoming arrangement for guests.
The greatest part about decorating with natural elements – they’re all compostable or biodegradable. When I’m done with them, they won’t spend hundreds of years clogging up landfills. They can be put back into the ground to nourish it! Fab, isn’t it?
What natural elements do you use to give your home that autumn touch?
Pure Love Grows XOXOXO