Wines for Thanksgiving Dinner

November 8, 2012

“It’s not happy people who are thankful. It’s thankful people who are happy.”
I posted a photo of that saying on Facebook the other day, and it got plenty of “likes.” It’s the month to be thankful, right? I love waking up in the morning, hopping on Facebook while I enjoy a cup of coffee, and seeing all the “thankful” status updates my friends write during the month of November. It reminds me to be thankful.
Thanksgiving, the ultimate day of being thankful, is just two weeks away. Thanksgiving dinner is one of my favorites. (I know. It’s one of your favorites, too.) I know that picking a wine to go with the turkey and all it’s trimmings can be hard. We always hear that Pinot Noir is a great wine to go with turkey, and it is. But, and here’s what used to get me all flustered when it comes to drinking wine at Thanksgiving, it goes fine with the turkey, but not so fine with the cranberry sauce or the sweet potato casserole.
So, you know what I suggest? Since it’s so difficult to find a wine that goes with the cornucopia of Thanksgiving flavors, serve a variety of wines that complement the yummy foods on the plate. Then, let your guests chose which wines they want for themselves. Is anyone really going to fuss if their white wine goes with their turkey and mashed potatoes but not with their green bean casserole? Probably not. And if they do, you just might want to rethink your guest list next year!
Here are some of my top picks.
Michelle Harvest Select Sweet Riesling – A sweet Riesling is probably the best bet for complementing the majority of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Its sweetness will work with the sweet potato casserole and a sugary cranberry sauce.  This particular wine from super-sustainable Chateau Ste Michelle in Washington state is very reasonably priced, too.
WolfferEstate Rose – Get over the belief that anything pink in a bottle tastes like super sweet White Zinfendel. There are plenty of rose wines that are just lovely, and this New York state wine is crisp and dry and just a bit spicy. It would be wonderful with turkey.
Cooper Mountain Pinot Noir Reserve – Lightly juicy and just a bit spicy, this is the type of wine you’ll hear about a lot over the holiday season. It’s the red wine that goes perfectly with white meat. If you want to serve a Pinot Noir, give this one from an organic and biodynamic winery a go.
Laetitia XD – Don’t forget the bubbly! This California sparkling wine is made in the traditional Champagne style. It’s dry with hints of apple and almonds that will complement the fall flavors, especially the squash dishes, on a Thanksgiving table
Pure Love Grows XOXOXO