Warm My Heart

January 22, 2013

Last week, I was dreaming of bikinis with the unseasonably warm weather, and today I’m searching for a piping hot winter soup to make a big pot of for dinner later tonight. The cold weather is back, and it’s not supposed to go above 23 degrees today! It’s cold and gray, and that just screams for hot soup on a day like today, don’t you think?
I’ve bookmarked several recipes from some food blogs that had me licking my lips over their inspiring recipes. I felt a bit warmer just looking at the photos of steaming soups.
  • Roasted vegetable soup – Winter vegetables – carrots, parsnips, butternut squash and sweet potatoes – are first roasted and then put in a soup that can be pureed finely or left a bit chunky.
  • Vegetable tortellini soup – This recipe makes use of fresh and prepared ingredients. Lots of fresh, chopped veggies get added to store-bought refrigerated tortellini. I love that the soup has a tomato base, giving it an Italian flare.
  • Italian wedding soup – The meatballs in this traditional soup are a little untraditional because they’re made with ground chicken and chicken sausage. The rest of the soup is what you’d expect – spinach, carrots, onion, celery and pasta. All of it looks delicious.
  • Lemon chicken orzo soup – It’s nice to have a variation on the classic chicken noodle soup. Orzo pasta is used instead of long noodles and lemon is added to brighten up the flavors a bit.

I still don’t know which soup I’m going to end up making tonight. Help me out, friends. Which one should I chose? Which one would you chose? I’ll tell you what, whichever one it is, I’m going to double it, and freeze half so on a hectic night a few weeks from now, I’ll have dinner already made!
Image: Mr. T in DC/flickr