Would you Tat?

January 29, 2013

henna tattooValentine’s Day is coming up quickly, and I have an idea for a little something fun and flirty to surprise your man with this year, girls. How about getting a tattoo that celebrates your relationship?

What? You’re not the type of girl who wants to get inked? Don’t worry. I’m not suggesting anything permanent. You certainly wouldn’t want to hastily plan a tattoo before February 14 that you’ll regret by February 15.

But, a natural henna tattoo is a different story. You can get whatever design you want, wherever you want it on your body, and if you don’t like it, it disappears  within two weeks.

Henna is a natural dye derived from the leaves and stems of a henna tree. After the leaves and stems are dried, they’re ground into a powdered pigment that stains. The pigment may permanently stain clothing, but it only temporarily stains skin with a beautiful reddish/brown color.

You can create gorgeous intricate designs with henna, but if you’re going for a little Valentine’s Day whimsy, just a strategically placed heart with your initials and those of the one you love could be a wonderful surprise. If you’re concerned about getting it right the first time, buy a henna kit that has all the supplies, including design patterns.

Or, if you really want to surprise and show your man just how playful you can be, henna is also an amazing, temporary hair dye that gives your hair a great red color. There’s a well-done tutorial for

DIY henna hair color on the Manifest Vegan blog. When you look at the before and after photos of the blogger Allyson, it’s amazing that not only does her henna-dyed hair look vibrant and beautiful, it’s actually healthier looking than her natural hair. Imagine that. A hair dye that leaves your hair less damaged when you’re done the process!

Henna is inexpensive, all-natural, and temporary. Think of the fun and surprising ways you could use it this Valentine’s Day! The most difficult thing about it will be hiding the results from your man until your Valentine’s celebration!

Pure Love Grows XOXOXO

Image: Peacock Henna Tattoo/Flickr