Pure Love 4 Katherine Heigl

February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day! As all the hustle and bustle of New York Fashion Week starts to wind down and officially ends today on Valentine’s Day, I have to say, I am LOVING what I’ve seen this week.

First of all, emerald green is emerging as one of the hottest trending colors. I love this bright, cheerful, classy hue. It’s a color that complements almost every skin tone and hair color, and it’s definitely a color that I gravitate to for myself.

Of course, the best part of fashion week is drawing inspiration from what I see on the runway and then figuring out how it fits into my own personal style. I’m already seeing where I can fit a few pieces in emerald into my wardrobe – pieces that are both sustainably made and timeless so I can wear them when emerald goes back to being simply a pretty color and not the “it” color of the year.

First on my shopping list is the emerald colored organic pima cotton drawstring dress from Indigenous Organic. The beautiful green in this dress comes from low impact dyes that are better for the environment. The color of this feminine dress might be trendy right now, but the simplicity of this dress will keep it fresh looking for years to come.

What has me even more excited than the emerging fashions is the makeup I’m seeing on the runways. Natural makeup is all the rave, and I couldn’t be more psyched about it. It means I’m way ahead of the curve with my personal style and with my personal beauty brand Jing Ai.  If you’re looking to add just one new product to achieve that sexy natural look, Jing Ai’s Duo is that must-buy product. It gives skin a natural just kissed b the sun glow. The Duo can be used all over your face, neck and even your eyelids to create a fresh, youthful look.

HOWEVER the highlight of my day came when I had a chance meeting with the ever so lovely and gorgeous Katherine Hiegl at Bergdorfs.  She was sitting with her beautiful Mother at the exact table that I sat at one week before with my husband John for brunch. Having Katherine hold Jing Ai in her hands and seeing her smile when she learned about my brand  filled my heart up with well you know….  #purelove !!!!!!    Wishing you all the best Valenties Day ever…

Pure Love Grows XOXOXO